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First time Buyer

The property market has never been so newsworthy.

Not a day goes past without some mention of the impact the credit crunch is having on house prices and the effect it's having on first-time buyers. But far from being doom and gloom, now is in fact an excellent time to purchase your first home.

To put momentum back into the market, many lenders are looking at ways to reduce mortgage rates and introduce new products to help first-time buyers. Furthermore, the overall levelling of property prices has meant that income multiples are returning to a more traditional and sustainable three times a buyer’s salary.

Developers recognise that many young buyers are desperate to get a home of their own, which is why they are offering a range of fantastic incentives to make purchasing possible. From paying legal fees and Stamp Duty to assisting with moving expenses, buying from a new homes developer opens up a range of opportunities that would otherwise prevent many first-time buyers from becoming homeowners.

So with plenty of great deals and a wide choice of property around, if you are a potential first-time buyer, grab this opportunity now while you still can.

By Karen Keeman, Editor, Your New Home